Yummy Afternoon Snack

Enjoying one of my afternoon snacks. Who needs sugary processed peanut butter with delicious options like this cashew butter. Yum!



sleeping bear

This week we traveled to Sleeping Bear Dunes and Crystal Mountain Resort. I wanted to stay even longer as I love the water and nature. During the week I attended a conference. I’m always a little nervous about what food will be served when it’s out of my control.

I asked for gluten/dairy free meals since I find many are still unfamiliar with Paleo. Most meals were excellent. Each morning we had a breakfast buffet with fresh fruit, dairy-free scrambled eggs, and bacon. Lunch was a yummy chicken salad with a sliced hard boiled egg, avocado, and tomatoes. We had a picnic dinner where I had chicken from the grill and a salad.

I packed my favorite trail mix for snack time to resist all the yummy sweets and lemonade temptations. We ate at the Thistle Pub and Grille twice. It was really yummy. There were a lot of Paleo friendly options. I had BBQ chicken thighs, fresh fruit, salads, and a naked sandwich  (no bun or cheese).

What to Eat on the Go

This weekend I wanted to have a fun day adventure with the kids while Andy was working all day. They love the Lego Movie so I decided to take them to the Lego Store which was about an hour drive from our house in a mall. I knew the mall would bring a challenge trying to find healthy foods to eat for lunch. Here is what I decided to pack for a day on the go:

  • Beef Jerky
  • Banana
  • Pecans and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

You could also throw in some boiled eggs (with an ice pack to keep them cold), celery sticks, cashew or almond butter, raisins, or other fruits.