Once You Go Healthy It’s Hard to Go Back

Today I was reflecting on this journey I began last fall transitioning from lots of medicines and eating whatever I felt like eating to a more natural approach to health and diet. I never imagined myself diving into it and loving it this much. I used to think “Wow, the people who eat organically, grow food, make their own cleaners have so much more motivation and I don’t ever see myself being that motivated”. Now I realize why people are so passionate about sharing their journey eating healthy and choosing natural over processed. They want everyone to feel as good as they do and they know that many ailments can completely go away by making healthy food choices.

I’m still guilty of using chemicals around the house and I’m certainly not perfect, but I feel like if I can make this transition being a busy mom working full-time always trying to cut expenses in my budget, then anyone can do it. I am so thankful for all of the websites out their that make this transition easier (Paleo Grubs, Against All Grain, etc.).

Someone told me that I wouldn’t want bread anymore. I didn’t believe it. I was a carb-aholic. I recently stopped making my “paleo bread”. I found that I would rather have a pile of deli meat, lettuce, slice of tomato, red onion, and a dollop of mayo for lunch. It’s much tastier – not to say I won’t every have the “paleo bread” again.

I encourage anyone who is thinking of trying a lifestyle change to go for it. Change as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable. Stay strong and know there will be times when you have cravings – then you’ll eat the junk and realize how crappy it makes you feel and you won’t want to eat it anymore. Find supportive people to talk to when you have those moments when you forget why you are changing your lifestyle. It will pay off!


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