I love to add a little sweet treat to my lunch and wanted to try something new so I tried another terrific recipe from Against All Grain. It was the chocolate coconut macaroon recipe. My son loved making them with me. I don’t think they will last long in this house 🙂



Birthday Cake!

One of the items I worried about missing when I started eating healthier was birthday cake. How could I ever make something tasty that didn’t have refined sugar, butter, etc. I experimented this week for Andy’s birthday with great results. I began with using a round cake pan and the brownie recipe from Against All Grain Meals Made Simple. I learned that I should have used two round cake pans as my brownies were overflowing out of the one pan. I then used Elana’s Pantry Chocolate Frosting recipe. I added a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips on top and strawberries. My husband says I should make this every week. We put the cake in the fridge and it got even more fudgey and fantastic.