More New Recipes from Celebrations Cookbook

ThIMG_0568.JPGis weekend I tried a few more recipes from Celebrations Cookbook from Against All Grain. The first was the potato salad recipe. Before Paleo I would judge a restaurant based on their mashed potatoes and rolls/bread (Texas Roadhouse and Cheddar’s Honey Butter Croissants were high on my list). I miss white potatoes. I’ve never tried white sweet potatoes (a.k.a. Hannah Sweet Potatoes). I loved the flavor and texture of these sweet potatoes. They are the closest I’ve had to regular white potatoes in years. I was so excited to add this to the list of dinner sides. It also inspired me to think of how I could create a paleo-friendly chicken pot pie recipe with white sweet potatoes. I’ll let you know how that goes :).

IMG_0608.JPGThe next recipe that I tried were the Sunbutter Buckeyes. My mom always makes the best treats around Christmas time – buckeyes, peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge, toffee, potato bread rolls, and more. It is a challenge not to eat those delicious treats. I was so excited to see buckeyes in the Celebrations Cookbook. They are not identical to Mom’s, but they are a pretty close second. They melt in your mouth and have a nice nutty flavor. I won’t feel like I’m missing out this year! There is also a Christmas Fudge recipe in the Celebrations Cookbook. Yay!

Tonight I tried the special sauce recipe on my burger. I had a feeling I would like this one since I love mayo and pickles on my burger. Yum!! It was so good. I kept adding more special sauce. The best thing about these recipes is the feeling that I am not missing out on tasty or traditional foods due to a restricted diet (doesn’t feel so restricted anymore).


Spider and Shortbread Cookies

img_0532My Celebrations Cookbook arrived today! YAY! I enjoyed looking through the pages and putting stickies on the recipes that I want to try first. I let the kids choose the first recipe. They chose the Spider Cookies. Peanut butter anything, especially cookies, are my Dad’s favorite and I definitely inherited his love for peanut butter. Unfortunately peanut butter isn’t on my list of foods I can have any longer and I missed that flavor so much. These are the closest I have had to my mom’s amazing peanut butter cookie recipe. Danielle’s Spider Cookies are made with Sunflower Butter. I was totally skeptical of Sunflower Butter, but I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor.
IMG_0541.JPGI was too excited to stop baking so I tried the Shortbread Cookies that are an extra recipe that you get if you pre-order Celebrations Cookbook. I love that they have a delicious buttery flavor. They would be perfect with a little fresh jam. I’m so excited to cook/bake more from this cookbook and have more options to stick with Paleo and feel my best. Thank you Danielle for these amazing recipes!