Spider and Shortbread Cookies

img_0532My Celebrations Cookbook arrived today! YAY! I enjoyed looking through the pages and putting stickies on the recipes that I want to try first. I let the kids choose the first recipe. They chose the Spider Cookies. Peanut butter anything, especially cookies, are my Dad’s favorite and I definitely inherited his love for peanut butter. Unfortunately peanut butter isn’t on my list of foods I can have any longer and I missed that flavor so much. These are the closest I have had to my mom’s amazing peanut butter cookie recipe. Danielle’s Spider Cookies are made with Sunflower Butter. I was totally skeptical of Sunflower Butter, but I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor.
IMG_0541.JPGI was too excited to stop baking so I tried the Shortbread Cookies that are an extra recipe that you get if you pre-order Celebrations Cookbook. I love that they have a delicious buttery flavor. They would be perfect with a little fresh jam. I’m so excited to cook/bake more from this cookbook and have more options to stick with Paleo and feel my best. Thank you Danielle for these amazing recipes!


One thought on “Spider and Shortbread Cookies

  1. Thank you for cooking from my new book, Celebrations, and sharing your thoughts with your followers! So glad you enjoyed the spider and shortbread cookies!


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